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Flute Hero. Honestly wish this title was less accurate than it sounds…


This provided some welcome (yet unproductive) distraction from working through the presentation layup.

What will those kids think up next…


just to get by


So this emcee – talib kweli – is one of the most inspirational, talented and awe inspiring people making music out there.

This vid gave me a lil boost of inspiration, working through the artwork for the publication in order to get it together for sending through to the printers!

Not long to go…

This has the best message of any song I’ve heard over the last decade: (not embedded due to artist’s request)



So I’m working through artwork for the publication (it’s long and detailed. keep your eyes peeled for more) and decided to look at this animation as a bit of a side track/take a break.

This is just fantastic! Absolutely amazing.

TouchTunes outcome in the works


Vinyl production has been completed and box construction is near completion.

The following image, shows Reuben and Tom looking over the physical layout of the boxed product. Only object that is ready to be placed is the Record/Vinyl, the booklet/dvd/cd/usb are not ready to be added in.


D-Touch Technological Probe (pt2)


Photos from the long day of establishing the D-Touch/ Technological Probe:


Methods of placing the sheet in-front of web-cams







D-Touch Technological Probe (pt1)


As constructive and interesting as the D-Touch was, it proved to have its issues. In most cases, some severe issues.

Issues encountered with the program were the following:

Operating on MAC system

  • Adjustments to lighting, contrast and quality of web-cam footage
  • Previous versions of D-Touch had been reported as having use with external web cameras and it being fixed with the latest version…unfortunately we proved this wrong
  • Tested with a Mac based web cam = Failed
  • Borrowed Logi-Tech cam from uni = Failed
  • Inbuilt webcam in MAC monitor = Success (yet awkward to work with)
  • Program still has its bugs
  • The angle of the lighting on the D-Touch layouts needed to be exact or else the glyphs would not be picked up by the scanner. This proved difficult as we either over lit some sections or we did not have the right equipment to light the sheet properly.
  • Scanner responds to the depth at which the glyphs are at, so having the glyphs on tape or blue tack made a difference.

Operating on PC system:

  • When reading the camera(s), operating system just crashes. “Blue screen of death”
  • P.C. in general has issues with D-Touch  due to their graphics cards (as attempted on more than 3 different PC computers)

Questions and Outcomes at the end of the day:

  • Would having a glyph up right ways or up side down make a difference on how the D-Touch would respond to the glyph sheets?
  • Will D-Touch still be applied as a component in exhibition? Unfortunately, due to how sensitive it is, this will highly be unlikely.
  • Will Glyph sheets still be applied in final boxed outcome? Yes they will as it’s still a product that works and is it’s still a prime example of co-creation within New Technologies (we’re supplying beats for people to add onto)

Photos of the day and set up:


Mac External web-cam = Failed



Logi-Tech web-cam = Failed



MAC in-built web-cam = Success…kind of

More photos of the session on the way.

Co-Collaborated Track Recording Sessions (pt1)


As a component to our final recorded products, a co-collaborated track was compiled by several musicians. Essentially one artist will create a tune with an instrument (i.e. drum beats) to start with and from there each artist will add there own instrumental recording over the previous track(s). Here are some of the images form some of the session:


This was the recording equipment used for the sessions, synched up with Reuben’s laptop.